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Candidate for November, 2020

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Dalton McCuiston

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Dalton McCuiston

District: 71

District 71 is wholly within Eaton County. For years many people within our communities have not been properly represented in government, if represented at all. Our hard-working families deserve to be treated with dignity and to have a say in our governing politics. My campaign plan is to help empower working families to create solutions to problems that have been ignored for decades. I stand for sufficiently-funded schools at all levels, as well as a respectable wage for all teachers. I stand for equality across the board: for equal pay for women and equal rights for LGBTQ persons. I plan to help transition our energy supply by helping pass our Green New Deal. I plan to impose a pollution tax in order to hold companies accountable for destroying our planet. I plan to help take big money out of politics. I will represent all aspects of life. Medicare for all is the goal and together, through ecosocialism, we can reach that goal and more!