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Domain Name Change!

By: Daniel Martin-Mills | Published: 12/26/2018

GP-MI Domain Names
GP-MI Domain Names
We are pleased to announce the reimplementation of our original domain name:!
Special thanks to LuAnne Kozma for her time and expense to acquire and register the domain name with us. Thanks to her, it is ours and will not expire for five years! She also paid for which redirects here.
All of the domain names listed above point to this secure website. The old website will be accessible from a link as soon as we get necessary information from Then, the link will be made prominent on this site’s front page.
Officer email addresses now also reflect the changed domain name. But note that email sent to ‘chair@michgreenparty,org,’ for instance, is automatically redirected to the correct ‘’.
Because of the security we require, making the domain name change was not trivial! People may have bookmarked or linked to resources on the secure URL, as I had. Redirecting to the new secure required purchasing a new SSL certificate that would span multiple domains, and an upgrade to our account with Godaddy. The actual redirection had to be made in a new application, within a new sub-domain on the hosting site. This new application is never seen because it only redirects here.
If you have bookmarked or linked to content on the ‘’ site, those will continue to work. But you will notice in the browser address bar that you have been redirected to this domain.
If you tried to access this site on December 22 or 23 and found it unavailable, you now know why. The changes to the DNS Nameserver took time to employ and then to propagate throughout the Internet. We should be past all that now and back to doing business again as ‘’!