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March 2020 State Membership Meeting
Last Updated: 9/7/2020 8:38:55 AM

Meeting Date:

Mar 07, 2020, 9 00 AM - Mar 07, 2020, 5 00 PM


Suite 140 & 160 . . . Community Rebuilders . . . 1120 Monroe Ave NW
Grand Rapids, 49503


Meeting Type:

SMM, and Officer Elections

Responsible GP-MI Member:

Matt Crehan

Sponsoring Group:

Kent County Green Party


UPDATE #2 -- February 28, 2020 11:45pm GPMI's first SMM of 2020, hosted by the Kent County Green Party, will be held 9am~5pm on Saturday, March 7 in Suite 140 & 160 at Community Rebuilders (1120 Monroe Ave NW in Grand Rapids). map link:,-Grand-Rapids,-MI-49503,-USA Contact persons for the host local are: Matt Crehan <> . . . phone 616-438-2700 Gerard Akkerhuis <> We will be offering remote access to the SMM as well -- as a livestream at The home page has buttons right below the one you clicked to reach these meeting details. Some of them can help you: * See who's been nominated for which party offices -- and maybe nominate someone yourself! * Look at a broad outline of the advance agenda for this meeting. * And download the full 48-page packet for this meeting (which includes a more detailed agenda on page 2). The packet can also be downloaded directly from: * * * * * The table of contents for the packet is as follows: 1 Meeting Notice 2 Agenda 3~ 8 Consensus Procedure for Meetings [SMM consensus procedure, pp 3~6; non-violent communication handout, pp 7~8] 9~15 By-Laws 16~18 Minutes [draft for October SMM included; draft for June SMM not received] REPORTS RECEIVED: 19 (& 22~29) Officer Reports -- text (& attachments) * Co-Chair * Treasurer (att, p 22) * Archivist (atts: Archivist Report & IT Report, pp 23~25 & 26~27) * Meeting Manager * Locals Liaison (att, pp 28~29) * Merchandise Manager * Web Stewards 19~20 (& 30~35) Other GPMI Reports -- text (& attachments) * Election Support Committee * Handbook Committee * Platform Committee (pp 30~35 is draft platform) [GP-US Committee Reports . . . none as of this writing] 20~21 (& 36~44) WRITTEN PROPOSALS -- text (& attachments): * Daniel Martin-Mills -- software licensing agreement, pg 20 (att: pp 36~40) * John Anthony La Pietra -- member polling and delegate selection/instruction plan, pg 20 (atts: straw-poll ballot, delegate plan, & candidate list, pp 41, 42, 43~44) * Daniel Martin-Mills -- by-laws proposal on holding multiple offices, pg 21 * Jim Becklund (by-laws proposal on Ways and Means Manager language, pg 21) 45~48 List of SCC Members (& Lists of Standing Committee Members, no new list received): * draft list of SCC members, pp 45~46 * compilation of rules on GP-US committee terms, pp 47~48 * * * * * Some highlights of our planned pre-meeting agenda: * We'll have a chance to find out more about the candidates for our Presidential nomination. All eight candidates listed by GP-US as "declared" (including all three so far who have now qualified as "recognized") are planning to attend -- most in person, though at least one and maybe more via remote access. * We also need to approve a plan for how we're going to poll GPMI members about their Presidential preferences, and instruct our delegation to the national convention at WSU in July on how they should vote to represent the membership. (That has to be in to GP-US by March 11 -- the Wednesday after the SMM.) Perhaps we can also kick off the poll and at least start selecting our 15 delegates and up to 15 alternates. * We have a new draft GPMI platform for 2020 to consider. It would be good if we can adopt it, so our state candidates can start running on it. * All state-party officer positions will be up for election at this meeting. We can also select incumbent or new GPMI delegates and alternates to the GP-US National Committee, and representatives to other GP-US committees (as appropriate for the number of seats we have on each GP-US committee, and the term lengths for each). And if a GPMI member wants to be on a GPMI standing committee, we can add them to that committee as well. This is my last planned update of the packet, agenda, and notice before the meeting itself. If you have questions, please feel free to ask them. Thank you! John Anthony La Pietra #2020VisionIsGreen Meeting Manager <> personal e-mail <> 611 North Linden Street Marshall, MI 49068 269-781-9478